Sincerely Desirae was an idea I had in my mind for years, I use to tell only a select few people that I always wanted my own clothing store where women could wear sneakers with their clothes if they were that type of chick or if they were relaxed and casual I would have something for them or even the super girly girl, she could find something that fit her as well because all my friends fit into any of those categories. It wasn't until I moved to Duluth, MN, that I realized I have to get this party started and right. After searching through the mall, Miller Hill Mall to be exact, and getting tired of the "Wet Seals" and the "Charlotte Russes", I realized there was nothing for girls like me, there was nothing that catered to women of color, and there was nothing that catered to the growing fashionista that wanted to show off her style no matter how small the town is around her. And thus, Sincerely Desirae was born, I always incorporated my own style when it comes to picking out pieces and that is because I feel I have a keen sense of knowing what looks right on each woman's body type and how they can enhance it in order to make themselves feel great about themselves. I always felt that you don't have to be naked in order to feel sexy, style is something that exudes you and you can command the attention from those around you being fully covered in everyway. I also look for inspiration from those around me, even though she probably doesn't think so, my friend DeQuila is a huge style inspiration of mine, since we were kids she has always dressed for her body type and only worn what works for her petite frame, not to mention, her mama has ALWAYS been fly as hell, too, so she has always had a great example. I did find myself straying away from Sincerely Desirae for a while due to a family member's health issues and having to move across state lines in such a short time, I started to think that I was done with it, but I couldn't get it off my mind. I would find myself just noticing colors that look good on skin tones while helping my niece pick out prom dresses, or just being able to envision outfits in my head how I think they would look together. I felt like maybe Sincerely Desirae wasn't for me anymore, with the ever growing "instagram businesses" I didn't want to be looked at a scam or just another one of those "boutiques", I want to bring real clothes to real people and I couldn't get Sincerely Desirae out of my head! I mean everyone kept asking me what's up with it from friends for years to people who I just met at my 9-5, after a little repackaging of what I want to bring to everyone, especially my Sincere Chicks who have been running with me since the beginning,