Blazers, one of my good friends never leaves the house without one, I mean floral, tons of black ones, from casual to evening the child loves herself a good piece in her wardrobe. Me on the other hand, I've never really been a fan of them. My arms have always been super long, so anything long sleeve has always gotten an "I'll pass" when adding them into my wardrobe, until now.
Currently, I find myself into oversized blazers, the more oversized the better. Its just something about them that makes me want to throw one on with a pair of mom jeans and get my life.
Yellow is one of my favorite colors and its definitely hard to pull off some shades of yellow, but Express gets it right for me. Their Double Breasted Blazer ($148) is everything, I plan to wear it with my favorite mom jeans and a low-cut bodysuit. Depending on where I'm going, I may throw on some kicks or some loafers.
Y'all know Zara is my favorite store! Its like I can get lost in there, lost online for hours just putting outfits together in my head before I even have any place to go. The Metallic Blazer from Zara ($99.90) adds the perfect element of evening wear to your wardrobe or if you're down for anything street style, you'll find a way to wear this anywhere.
Now, y'all not ready for this last blazer that I'm TOTALLY OBSESSED with and I haven't even got a chance to wear it, yet! Nichole Lynel pieces are EVERYTHING they are so good that you definitely need to have your notifications set or the items will be sold out. Not a problem for her, but definitely one for any fashionista that's looking to add dope pieces to her closet. This Get the Business Blazer ($98.50) just speaks for itself, its beautiful I just had to have it in my closet. Perfect for brunch, fashion meetings, the bank, wherever, you definitely will turn heads.

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