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Saturday Style: Tomboy Chic & Hats

Everyone knows that my style is often Tomboy Chic above anything else, but that doesn't mean you have to wear Jordans all the time. One of my favorite fashion stables these days is hats! I find myself buying hats just to have whenever I am ready to go out forget having a bad hair day, I wanna wear them just because they're dope. My boyfriend is even starting to say, do you need another hat, but he always compliments me when I wear them, I even have got one that I thought was super fly like his mom's (Hey, MamaKP!).
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ColourPop StingRaye by ItsMyRayeRaye

"Hol'Up, Hol'Up, ITSMYRAYERAYE..."
Seriously how can you not LOVE YouTube sensation ItsMyRayeRaye?! Is it even right to call her just a YouTube sensation? I don't know, I'm not quite sure, I just think there is something so refreshing about a girl who is her authentic silly self in a world where everything is so damn serious all the time.
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Kylie Jenner: LipKit by Kylie

That Kardashian/Jenner Reign just won't let up, FRANKLY, I do not care, all I know is that Kris Jenner is a marketing genius! Leave it to her to have her youngest daughter start her own lipkit brand after the attention and scrutiny that has centered around her ever growing lips.

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