Kylie Jenner: LipKit by Kylie

That Kardashian/Jenner Reign just won't let up, FRANKLY, I do not care, all I know is that Kris Jenner is a marketing genius! Leave it to her to have her youngest daughter start her own lip kit line of cosmetics after all the attention and scrutiny that has centered around Kylie's ever growing lips.
So, I gave in, I mean, I really didn't give in, while, everyone was talking about the site crashing and the lipkits selling out so fast, I went right to her site at the time of the restock, refreshed and BAM, the LipKit by Kylie was on the way. 
I have to say the packaging is INCREDIBLE! Maybe, I'm overdoing, but I like when things are packaged, nicely, it definitely gives you high expectations for what you're getting. My friend DeQuila always says, presentation is everything and the presentation on this is definitely EVERYTHING!!
I got the True Brown K color because I needed a good brown lippie in my collection and the other two colors seemed like they may have been too light for my complexion (gotta know your undertones ladies to prevent that ashy lip look). The lipkit has a great formula, it doesn't cake up on your lips and it goes on super smooth. Kylie definitely knows a little something about makeup because there was minimal transferring when eating or drinking. It really is very long lasting and it doesn't make your lips feel dry the next day like some matte lipsticks are known to do. Overall, I am in love with these lipkits and hopefully I can get my hands on a few more colors once she restocks!
Since I love the lipkit so much, I am giving away one FREE on my Instagram, yes, I said FREE! I am giving away one True Brown K to one lucky person all you have to is look for this flyer and follow me on Instagram @SincerelyDesirae to get all the deets.

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