Get WAVY *MaxB voice*!
Favorite look from the collection.
No, but in terms of Fendi's Fall 2016 Runway Collection it is EVERYTHING! 
Karl Lagerfeld said, in terms of his designs 'they’re not ruffles, they’re waves, and they have to do with Einstein theory that gravitational waves make people happy in the scientific community.' Okay, Uncle Karl, that was real cute, I'm featuring it, bring science into your fashion collection, so I can use these Psychology degrees and my love of fashion at the same time and know that it is a site to see!
The color scheme and casual everyday vibe of the whole collection is giving me 70s REALNESS. 
Sis (Kendall Jenner) came through KILLING the runway as usual, but that is not the only plus about this runway show. The casual side of the collection was a great edge to incorporate this time around, typically, fashion powerhouses don't feature pieces that everyday girls feel they can wear when they are going out, but this time around the collection is just different if you ask me.
I have to say, the best part of the collection is the usage of my natural hair sisters! Come through Karl and represent for all my curly hair, afro wearing sisters!
From the jackets, to the patterns, to the denim, to the waves on the shoes, to the fur elements this collection is EVERYTHING I need for a FASHION FRIDAY, right now.
"You never know your job, you have to continue to know what is going on or you will end up in the cemetary..." -Karl Lagerfeld aka Fashion Genius

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