The Royal Family was giving BLACK EXCELLENCE at this year's Canadian State Dinner this past week. It is amazing to see how much this family has grown over the 8 years that President Obama has been in office. 
I mean can we get into how fashionable this family has been all throughout two terms in office. Everything they are seen in is sold out in a matter of minutes and it is always something that is affordable.
Auntie Michelle wore Canadian Designer, Jason Wu, who has designed dresses for her several times in the past.
I'm ready for Spring and Floral Prints, they're EVERYTHING.
Sasha and Malia both wore dresses by Naeem Khan; they have grown into such beautiful young ladies.
I can't wait to see what college is on the horizon for Malia, she definitely has handled her time in high school being in office with her father with grace.
Sasha, I'm feeling you, sis, give them the *side eye*. Can we get into this thin choker that Sasha is wearing?! I am so feeling chokers these days, reminds me of my childhood and the 90s. The Obamas will stay in Washington until Sasha finishes high school, because who wants to make new friends in the middle of the school year, anyway, right? 
I'm going to miss them when they leave.

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