The First Day of Spring is upon us and in many parts of the world, it is still cold and raining, but fret not, the fashions are definitely on the horizon.
Welcome to Spring

Here are some of my favorite trends that I feel we can incorporate into our wardrobe this Spring. 
Blush was all over the Zuhair Murad Runway Show and for that reason alone it needs to be in your wardrobe, even if it's just in the tiniest way. Blush looks great on all skin tones and it is definitely a color that can be worn all year round, you will not have Buyer's Remorse adding it to your closet this Spring, trust me. 
Marc Jacobs Floral Print Skirt
Floral (Hi, Dez!), have you seen the Gucci bags this season floral appliqués are all over them, they're AMAZE, but Gucci may not be your thing or in your price range, but a nice floral skirt can be a perfect way to add this pattern to your wardrobe and it would be  perfect for a brunch date with friends.
Alice + Olivia Sarita sequined silk top
Sequins, yes, I know, I know, but Sequins don't always have to be itchy and old lady looking, they can bring out the color scheme of any pattern you're wearing. Try finding a solid color sequin blouse that's one of the stand out colors in your bottom piece and it'll bring your ensemble together like magic. 
Big Park - Cotton culottes

Culottes, now, typically I wouldn't be into this trend, but I think the right pair of shoes is essentially to pulling off this look. A nice pair of mules or strappy sandals can make this look work for a tall girl like myself or even my petite sisters. 
Gold Lurex Polo Neck Crop Top
Crop tops, lets face it, they're here to stay. While, all of them may not be age appropriate for us ladies over 30, try pairing it with something high waist that allows you to control the amount of skin that is exposed, so you can only show what you're comfortable with exposing. 
Tan brown faux-suede split front pencil skirt

Faux suede is EVERYTHING! It's not just for Fall, it's a great way to have a transitional piece that can be layered depending on what season you want to wear it in next. A faux body con skirt in Spring can always be worn with a long collared vest and riding boots in the Fall. 
Sleeveless turtlenecks give you just enough coverage on those chilly Spring nights, where you're not overdoing, but you still can keep it cute and be warm at the same time. 
River Island RI Plus orange print palazzo pants

Palazzo pants are probably like my favorite thing EVER! I mean, sometimes you just get tired of jeans and since I LIVE for a good print, incorporating them into my wardrobe as much as possible is always fun for me. 
These are my some of favorite looks for Spring, be on the look out for the Sincerely Desirae Spring Collection, soon come. 

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