Some would say about time!
Everyone fell in love (AGAIN) when Christian Louboutin  launched the Nude Collection that featured everyone's skintone in the Pigalle and other favorites from his collection. Now, Mr. Louboutin has added ballet flats to the collection giving ladies everywhere who wear flats a chance to rock the coveted "red bottom" in their skin tone, as well.
I'm honestly just in LOVE with the campaign! I love love LOVE anything that is center around ballet and to see all this beautiful melanin with shoes to match is definitely EVERYTHING!
The SOLASOFIA FLAT "MAYA" N°4 is available in sizes 35.5 to 41.5 and retails for $595 USD if you know these are for you, get them before they're gone!
As for me, I want the marketing campaign to hang on the wall in my house because #BalletIsLIFE!

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