Looks like the regular, degular, schmegular girl is becoming a fashionista before our very eyes.
Its been said that, Cardi B will NOT be returning to the next season of Love & HipHop NY. Cardi has landed a recurring role on Being Mary Jane and she's still focusing on music and touring. 
And with new business, you always need a new look, applause to her stylist, I still want Cardi to be her fun carefree self in terms of how she dresses, but this is also a change I can appreciate, this is what happens when you evolve in your style, but still be you. In the Floral and Snake Print Gucci Dress (pictured above) and a sheer Namilia Nude & Rude jersey dress from VFiles, retailing for $231.93 USD, Cardi is stealing my heart with these fashions. 
Stunt on 'em, sis!!

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