Gucci, Gucci, Gucci, say it three times, listen, we need to have a talk!
I know these slippers are not a "new thing", in fact the traditional leather black slippers have been on back order for some time, and once new colors started popping up on Instagram pages, everywhere, they never crossed my mind as "MUST-HAVE SHOE",  that is until I saw these. 
Everybody that knows me, knows I'm a purple, fuchsia, teal, turquoise type of girl all the way back to those purple leather pants I had on 4th grade picture day with the matching purple sweater all the way to prom when I came in with a back out sheer accent teal floor length fitted dress. These are just my colors, I'm true to who I am!!  
When I came across these Princetown Velvet Slippers on one of my favorite fashion inspiration Instagram pages (@StyleOne80), I had to do some digging, some finding, some searching because they are EVERYTHING!! 
I'm usually not a fan of trendy pieces and definitely those that are out of my price range, but I LOVE these, that velvet, that fur, it just speaks to me.
Retailing at $850 USD and that signature Gucci Horsebit detail, I may have to start taking birthday donations because I need these in my life.
Now to decide on which color, fuchsia or cyan!

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